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Oasis Healing Arts - Holistic Healing Sessions Offered 

60 min-   $100
75 min-   $122
90 min-   $144
105 min- $166
120 min- $188
Healing Sessions offered at Oasis are integrative sessions that provide healing for Body, Mind and Soul.

They are  result of 18 years of therapist`s professional experience at healing arts and may be customized

and include any of the following modalities depending on the client`s current needs:

Deep Tissue/Relaxation Massage
Energy/Chakra Balancing
Cupping/Gua Sha Therapy
Singing Bowls/Sound Healing
Intuitive Oracle Card Reading

Included Add-Ons:
InfraRed Crystal Mat, Hot Towels, Essential Oils
Crystal Light Bed Therapy/Per request


Session Add-Ons:
30 min each: Crystal Light & PEMF Session Add On $35; 

Ionic Foot Bath Detox Add On $40; Travel Add On $40;

Ionic Foot Bath Detox  & Oracle Card Reading- $50
PEMF Therapy incorporated in the session- $10 extra charge

Other Sessions:
45 min Ionic Foot Bath Detox- $55

60 min PEMF & Ionic Foot Bath Detox- $77

Oasis Healing Arts has 24 hour Cancellation Policy for sessions 45-90 min, 48 hour for 105-120 min and reserves the right to charge credit card on file up to 100% session cost in case of cancellations/changes made to appointments within cancellation periods listed above.


Do you have a gift card? Great. To redeem it, book your appointment through Schedulicity (direct link on home page)

All gift cards must be presented at the time of service. Please, bring your paper gift card with you or print out the online certificate. Thank you!


Looking forward to seeing you @ Oasis!


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